New High VG Eliquid Line

Smartvapes is proud to bring you two exciting new Eliquid lines from the company that mixes and Bottles our Eliquid for us Mountain Oak Vapors. Buy any 3 bottles of Elquid at SmartVapes and get 15% off!

3mg nic 30ml Bottles only

We now have in stock
Creme De La Crema no less than five exciting high VG custard flavors. Creme De La Crema, this family of Fine Italian Custards was developed from the ground up to deliver a hit. A secret and proprietary base of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl Free Vanillas,


It’s time to give the people what they want. A truly authentic mix of natural and wild blueberries artfully blended with smooth vanilla creme and our secret Italian Custard flavor to create a wonderful Blueberry Torte that should never be prohibited.


Combining decadent chocolate, sweet vanilla creme, subtle hints of hazelnut, and our secret Italian Custard flavor make this an offer that no one can refuse! A rich, extradordinary experience that will earn the respect of your palate.


A fluffy, bright and sweet vanilla custard vape with a light, cakey finish. A truly fine Italian custard will “take care” of your vanilla desires. As the flagship flavor of Creme De La Crema, Gotti has answers the demand for deliciously done vanilla custard.


So good it takes the words right out of your mouth. Sweet, bright strawberry flavor soars over the top of a smooth Italian custard with a touch of fluffy vanilla cake. You’ll want to talk about this one, but we would prefer you didn’t.


This is a flavor that will excite even the most defined palate. With a perfect combination of banana, creme, and custard, this juice has become one of our new favorites and will soon be one of yours as well.

Way of the Dragon High VG Line four great new flavors

These 9 new additions to SmartVapes are all targeted towards sub-ohm and dripping for best results and only come in 3mg nic 30ml bottles. Try them now!

White Lotus

White lotus is a velvety blend of tropical fruits and cream that will leave you floating in an island breeze.


Satori is a creamy cinnamon crunch that will have you craving more long after breakfast is over. (Allan’s New Favorite)


Ryuu is a delicious banana cream pie with a peanut butter complement that leaves your taste buds wanting more.


Chakra is a Creamy mocha with a cinnamon finish and subtle hints of cookie to round this juice into something spectacular.

Weekly update and 2 codes

SmartVapes ecig and eliquid Store

Things have been a little out of whack this week with Allan the Store owner down for the count! Due to illness I have not been able to make it into the store and the daily codes and updates have been a little slackened, however things are looking up and I am on the mend I expect to be fully recovered and back in the store on Monday. I will be working a little this weekend as well playing catch-ups. Thanks to Jessica for her hard work to keep the ball rolling at our brick and mortar store in Jackson TN and keeping the internet store shipping fast and on time.  Even though I was away we still didn’t skip a beat.

This week as well as the usual daily codes I will be injecting a bit more vaping advocacy stuff into the blog and try to keep you all updated on some of the important news, I know as a vaper you some times have to filter through a lot of junk to get to whats important and what is not….  If you are interested in advocacy we recommend you look up CASAA they have been fighting for our rights since 2009 here in the USA, CASSA or Consumer Advocates for Smokefree Alternatives Association, are a non profit organization who are not tied in with any particular vendor or group of vendors they do what they do strictly for the consumer.

As those of you getting the daily update know this week we have been running a promotion to get folks to try our great tasting eliquids with a 40% code off a new eliquid every day we will continue this throughout the next week or so along with other coupons here and there to mix it up, today’s eliquid code will be for one of our top sellers Cocoa Bird our delicious chocolate custard eliquid.   The coupon code for this deal: yum

Our second killer code for today is for Aspire Nautilus BVC coils, when you order 5 coils or more use the code: nauts This code will bring the price down to $1.99 each (you can mix and match ohms if you like)

As always make sure you add the products to your cart first then select “view cart” to add the codes, it will not work if you try to add them during the checkout process. These codes are only valid for Friday May 1 2015.

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Try Savant Eliquid 40% off

Savant Strawberry Apple Eliquid

Today we invite you to try our delicious Savant Strawberry Apple Eliquid the deal is 40% off any bottle size and the coupon code for this deal is: voss

This coupon is only valid for 4/30/15. Remember to use our coupon codes add the products first then select “view shopping cart” there is where you add the code not at checkout.

Try Galileo Eliquid 40% off

Galileo Eliquid

Thats right we are running eliquid specials for the rest of the week we want you to sample our great tasting blends, as our local customers know our eliquids can’t be beat so this week we will be pushing them for you to try online.

Get 40% off both 15ml and 30ml bottle of our Gallileo “Pink Lemonaide” Eliquid today April 29 with the code: galilee

This coupon is valid for today only and not valid with any other coupon code. remember for coupon codes to work you must put the product in your cart then “view cart” and add the code there, adding the code in checkout will not work.

$0.99 Evod Coils

Evod Coils Deal

Get your Kangertech Protank Evod replacement Single Coils for $0.99 today only with the code: coil20

Get 20% off your Eliquid for the rest of the week with code: svjuice

Remember for the coupon codes to work you must put the products in your cart then select “view cart” then add the coupon codes there Not During Checkout.

Local customers can order online and get in on the deal by choosing “In Store Pickup” as the shipping method if you want to pick your orders up at our Brick and Mortar Ecig Store at.

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